Business lunch


12 p.m. - 3 p.m.

All soups – 1.80 €

Main dish Nr.1 – 4.70 €

Main dish Nr.2 – 3.80 €  



  Vegetable soup with mushrooms

Pork tenderloin, with plum and vegetable stuffed

(Supplied with baked potatoes and tomato salad)

Potato rolls with cheese ,,Džiugas’’ and sour cream



Creamy celery soup with walnuts

Roast chicken ,,Jūratė’’

(served with fried potato-spinach mash and cucumber-tomato salad)

Eggplant with chicken and cheese


 Beetroot soup with sausage and sour cream

Turkey liver, stewed in orange juice

(served with mashed potatoes and fried peppers)

Potato rolls stuffed with chicken

Served with mushroom sauce


Cold tomato soup “Gaspacho”   

Chicken steak with baked apple

(served with rice and apple puree)

Lasagna with curd, spinach and cheese



Sweet and sour  cabbage soup with  turkey

Potato pie with chicken

Served with bacon sauce

Homemade curds with cream and butter