Business lunch


12 p.m. - 3 p.m.

All soups – 1.80 €

Main dish Nr.1 – 4.70 €

Main dish Nr.2 – 3.80 €  



Potato soup with meatballs

Chicken balls stuffed with mushrooms

 Served with mashed carrot and potatoes and fresh cucumber salad

 Lithuanian marmots with butter-cream sauce


Broth and pastry with pork meat

Potato  dumplings stuffed with meat and bacon sauce

Chrispy chicken  chinese with rice


 Pickle soup with sour cream

Turkey roast

 Served with carrot puree and cherry sauce

Cottage cheese and potato pancakes 

with a mushroom-ham sauce



Chili soup, with cheese ,,Džiugas’’

Pork neck steak grill

   Served with an oven-roasted vegetable skewers

Pumpkin dumplings with cream and butter sauce



Meat and vegetable soup

Chicken steak with peach sauce and rissotto

Noodles with turkey sauce