Business lunch


12 p.m. - 3 p.m.

All soups – 1.80 €

Main dish Nr.1 – 4.70 €

Main dish Nr.2 – 3.80 €  



Vegetable soup with mushrooms

Provence steak (chicken)

Served with rice risotto and warm carrot-pea salad

 Cooked curd pancakes with cream and butter sauce


Potato soup with salmon

Pork tenderloin, baked with vegetables

Serwed with fried potatoes and sauekraut salad

Boiled potato  dumplings stuffed with chicken

and with cream-butter sauce


 Ukrainian ,,Solianka’’


Chicken steak with baked apple

(served with rice and apple puree)

Potato rolls stuffed with chicken

Served with mushroom sauce



Creamy  carrot soup with  ginger

Fried  fish (tilapia) with mushroom-vegetable dressing

and potato-celery mashed

 Spicy Mexican stew with warm bread roll



Sorrel soup with sour cream

Cabbage rolls with meat

Served with carrot-mashed potatoes and tomatoes

Noodles with chicken meatballs with mushroom sauce