Salad with goat cheese

(lettuce, goat cheese, sun-dried tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, balsamic dressing)
4,00 Eur (13,81 Lt)

Melon and prawns salad

(lettuce, cucumber, prawns, avocado, melon, cashew nuts, herb dressing with oil and brandy)
4,00 Eur (13,81 Lt)

Duck breast salad with pear cooked in wine

(lettuce, roasted duck fillet, pear and gorgonzola,olive oil,lemon and onion dressing)
5,60 Eur (19,34 Lt)

Salad with grilled beef and wine sauce

(spinach, grilled beef, cheery tomatoes, rucola and onions in a balsamic vinegar)
6,00 Eur (20,72 Lt)

Fresh vegetable salad with olives

(lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes, paprika and olives in a herb dressing)
2,10 Eur (7,25 Lt)

Crunchy chicken salad

(lettuce, caramelized chicken breast, paprika, walnuts and grapes in a balsamic dressing)
4,00 Eur (13,81 Lt)

“Caesar” salad

(lettuce, egg, parmesan and croutons in an anchovy dressing)
With grilled salmon 4.60Eur(15.90Lt)  
With grilled chicken 4.50Eur(15.55Lt)
With fried bacon 4.20Eur(14.50Lt)  
3,40 Eur (11,74 Lt)